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Posted by + Suresh + on Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Asia Pacific University College Of Technology & Innovation together with The Student Activities & Recreational Council initiative attracts a wonderful crowd at Multicultural Night 2009.

Kuala Lumpur,2nd October 2009 - APIIT &UCTI had their Annual Multicultural Night recently. Unlike previous years, this year was extra special as we had a sold out crowd of 1000 people. The night was intense right from the start till end, featuring performances from students from 51 countries. The theme being “Around The World In One Night”, basically represented the many different cultures and ethnics our students come from. The opening performance of the night was a Maldivian song called “Kal-Sa-Ru performed with a wonderful blend of music from acoustic guitars from a band that has been performing in weddings back in Maldives. Next up was a slide show presentation where all the International Countries flags of students were displayed at a mega screen above. After each flags of countries in a continent has been displayed, the continent shape on the world map hanging above the crowd would light up, “Simply awesome” quoted a student.

Model from Kazakhstan

The first big performance of the night was a cultural performance from the Student ARC members, choreographed by their own self. The night then continued with an Indian Classical Performance called Bharatanatyam, which is a classical Indian dance with an opening prayer to the Hindu elephant-headed God – Ganesha, remover of all obstacles. Next up was performance from our Bandar Bukit Jalil campus Lecturers headed by Miss Nirmala, they performed a very famous song called VL. The night then continued with some electrifying dance moves from our Kenyan students. This dance is dedicated to patriotism and awareness of Kenyan Culture, as they go back to their original identity and roots. The night then proceeded with a lucky draw session courtesy of our wonderful sponsors. Next up was a performance from an Indie Rock Band called Bairie, a five man band who have performed for 10 years together. The next act was certainly an eye catcher as he was none other than Tian Yan our MC. He was on stage to do his performance on Wushu. Wushu appeared in China some 2500 years ago and until today remains popular. After the exhilarating showmanship from Tian Yan with the wushu performance, the crowd was further entertained with the Tanzanian students singing a song called Foibe-it is a traditional song of theirs and Tanzanian has more than 32 different traditions. This dance that goes along with the song is brought to you will tell you the story of their culture, historical sites, beauty and peace.

Next performance of the night was a performance called Dikir Barat consisting of our very own Lecturers and Staffs, that got a lot of cheers and applause from the crowd .This performance was accompanied by a folk song called “Wau Bulan”which is an intricately designed Malaysian moon-kite that is traditionally flown by men in the Malaysian state of Kelantan. Then began one of the highlight of the night where the whole atrium of the college went pitch black. It was indeed, time for the lightshow, together with some heart pumping music and laser light. The night then continued with a magic show from our young Egyptian magician that has been performing for more then 6 years. If you love seeing handsome hunks and pretty babes, next up was a Fashion Show Performance that had various display of different countries traditional clothing’s. Most of the crowd thought it was the end of the night after the fashion show, but there were a lot more in store for them. We had a Choir performance from the Botswana students singing the song Kopi which is a made of 100% human vocals. A Yemeni dance was followed next with 6 performers from the state of Sha-rah, Yemen, and this dance was one of the many famous dances in the southern region of Yemen. Next the crowd was entertained by a group of Indian students who has done shows at Segi College, University Kebangsaan Malaysia, Antera Show with some hot tamil rap. Followed on was a Salsa Performance by 3 different International Students, we had Aigerim Issabaveya(Kazakhstan),Judith(Tanzania)and Nomin Tuvsanaa(Mongolia) with 3 other performers sizzling the crowd with their moves.

Nomin,Judith & Aigerim in action

Next up was a Persian Guitar &Tar performance called Mr Parsa,it’s a Persian song about youthood, challenges, regrets and growing paints.
The next performance certainly was an eye catcher, compromising of of 3 different cultures which are Indians, Iranians and Mongolians as they grooved on stage with a Medley Dance that not only made the crowd follow them but cheer them on. The next performance was epic, heard of Phantom Of The Opera??We had our lecturers Ms Anita & Mr. Jerry sing an opera song that was made famous form a Broadway hit film for the very first time here in Multicultural Night!!!. As we have an enormous amount of Indonesian students here in APIIT-UCTI, we welcome upon stage next a performance called Ngarojeng by Persika Afu, which is a dance that is famous in the region of Jakarta, Indonesia and its called Rari Btawi or Ro-Jeng, performed mainly in weddings, graduations and as well as other various ceremonies. Performing the Iranian National Anthem was a choir singing performance headed by Arash, and the song is said to be 300 years old. Lecturers being lecturers, the next performance was by Ms Shamini & Mr Suresh &Mr Kesavan. Their dance was based on an ancient story from India based on an evil king and a beautiful young innocent princess.

Mr Suresh & Mr Kesavan*perang mode*

He dies...

Then we heard a loud cheer from the crowd when it was time for an Iranian/Malaysia Instrumental Fusion performance which consists of a piano and guitar. Rendition of the song called “Ave Maria”.This traditional song tells us the story of Jesus mother, Mary. As the night drew close to the end ,the crowd was still pumped for more performances. Next was a Punjabi dance performance, featuring 8 dancers doing the Bhangra. Bhangra is originated in Punjab, India.

Our big group of Punjabi dancers

Last performance, to end the night on a high note we had a band led by Shaihan to perform a piece of music called Sufi. Sufi is expressed in Central Asia from Turkish and Iranian culture which is spiritual music mixed with contemporary edginess.
Lastly,a very big thanks goes out to the management, staffs, lecturers, performers, student arc members and not forgetting our generous sponsors for making this night a big success.

We stand is no different...
together we stand together for world peace!!!

It was A night to remember, A night to shine, A night not to forget. A night to show the people what you got, whats your colour, whats your moves, where you from. What you represent!!!!

I had Nicole from Asia Dance Channel come over as well..thanks a bunch Nicole!! Sue Ying..a friend i knew from of Asia Dance Channel's editorial team members..thanks for all the help and love and thanks for being very supportive in helping me..ur the best Green Tea Ying..=)
Written by,
Suresh Para Kumaran
Student Activity & Recreational Council


ruth tan said...

interesting event there

† ИICHOLAS † said...

Multicultural? cool! what else is there ? I'm expecting more howt babes weii... where's the Japanese ? XD

Tony Wan said...

Haha...It looks fun! :D

KwOnG FeI said...

wow seem nice~
btw i love cultural performances..
alwiz wish to be part of it or attend to see such function..
i dun see such things organised in my uni.. sob..
the best i ever joined was the Pasukan 1000 Kompang in Merdeka Celebration years back..
Imaging Chinese, Indians and others joined the Malays to play their traditional musical device, kompang..
Great event u had~

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