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Posted by + Suresh + on Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hello peeps..Music Asia Conference will be happening this Saturday,21st November at KL Live@Live Centre,KL
Music Conference Asia (M.C. Asia) - "The Beginning"
Venue: KL Live @ Life Centre, KL
Date: November 21, 2009
Time: 4.00pm - 7.00pm (Workshop)
: 8.00pm - 3.00am (Appreciation Party)

Ticket price: RM49 (pre-sale), RM59 (at the door)

Headlines: Marcel Woods, Preach, Marcus Schossow (with the local heroes Funkomunky and Affiq)

For the first time in the world, DJ Preach and Marcel Woods will be sharing on topics such as “DJ-ing As A Professional Career: The Marketing Strategy” and “A&R, Artist Development and Music Label Promotions”, which will be very beneficial to those inspired to venture into music production and DJ-ing as a career.for more info or to register log on to

Music Conference Asia Appreciation Invites Giveaway!!!

Here's what i have for you guys,from the kind organizers and sponsors of MC Asia...I'll be giving away 10 Invites for the Appreciation Party..

It's very simple to gain the party invites..all you have to do is,pick one question from below and write your answer at the comment section in this post:

1.Tell me whose your favourite DJ and tell me why he/she is ur personal favourite..
2.Tell me whose you favourite Dancer and tell me why he/she is ur personal favourite..

The best 5 commentors on this blog post here will walk away with the invites..having said partner in crime Coco will be giving away another 5 keep a look out for her post on it later tonight as well..@click here write something really attracting k...=)

do take note also the invites are a single pass and not a pair...

so peeps..what ur waiting for??...are u an aspiring young musician or simply a dance lover??
here's you chance to join in the fun!!!!!

if your still unclear on the event do visit dun miss the fun party people!!

Winners will be announced tmrw..Novermber 19th@ 10pm at this very post..So do drop by back to check if your the lucky one..and don't forget to add your blog URL and E-mail add on the comment section.. Happy Commenting..=)


Aidi-Safuan said...

thanx for da info!!!

flora said...

ok i have to say..J.Lo is my favourite icon for dancing. why? have u seen her dance? or perhaps move her signature ASS?? haha..yes we all know she has dat one in a million butt every girl can dream of..she was a kill wen she did "shall we dance" wit richard gere..the dance routines is jus top notch..and even while expecting her twin, she cud still dance in HIGH HEELS..yes..go watch her video of Do It yeah..oni one who has passion for dancing will b able to do wat dis latino hot mama is capable on the dancefloor..and now as a mother, she still is able to perform well

flora said...
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HitoMi^^ said...

I duno who to say...I dun know any of the DJ lol

The Punisher said...


My favorite dancer is Travis Wall from So you think you can dance season 2. He is a very technical dancer that non of the dance can defeat him. He can really present well in dance in terms of emotion, body, skill and techniques. He is famous since young and get involve in some TV advertisement before too. No matter what, I hope I can get this ticket from you suresh..thanks in advance

The Punisher said...

By the way, this is my contact info.

Eric Oye

Thanks again

mynjayz said...

i dunno who is my fav but i wanttt !!!!

Wen said...

wow another party for suresh!!!

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