London - Johor by Wen Pink

Posted by + Suresh + on Monday, November 9, 2009

The title of the post says it all..

a few days ago i received something really nice in the mail...that just made my day...can you guys guess what it is??*drum rolls*

Well i received this postcard from a blogger friend of mine i call Pinky Pink..known to most as Wen Pink all the way from UK...She currently having a time of her life holidaying in London...but despite being on the move most of the time,she made time to write to me...*points at the postcard below* which was really really sweet of her..and yea she has a short message for those of you who she knows as well:

Love the card...

As much as she's enjoying herself there..she misses everyone back here..
so show her some love and drop her a comment here..

During the promo..but i guess everyone would have seen the the VEET advertorial article by now featuring..Samuel, Me,Wen Pink & Jeffro
if u for the video..i gotta censor a few stuff. first.haha..btw do have look at her article..n dun laugh when you see the pictures click here

Oh yea...this one is epic..she's feeling the after effects of the Nuffnang Screening Of Orphan!!!
passerby at the traffic light must have thought she was petrified..*evil laughs*..

Btw Wen thanks alot for the postcard!!!can't wait for you to come back next month..i bet there's alot of interesting stories that awaits us...and yea..awesome article on the veet thing..well ur most welcome..and it was awesome working with you on it!!!

Cepat balik Pinky Pink!!!!!!!cos we miss you!!!


Copykate said...

why didn't u censor ur house address? not a great idea to show it to the entire world

kenwooi said...

now we all know where you live.. =)

Tony Wan said...

I come for u now Suresh! xD

Spectre said...

Great now I can come to raid your house for food , beer and free stuff plus nap

Anonymous said...

lol. he's inviting us over to his house :)))

Wen Pink said...

OMG tat pic so uglyyy okay!! Can put better pic or not?!!?! LOL! Anyway, thanks for the post! :) sweet!

Techna said...

LOL ok so you're the one who got shaved! I saw the ad and it was hilarious :)

Joshu@law said...

I just received the postcard today! lol~
Suresh is in danger right fast move house! lol~

Anonymous said...

lol... your chest looked really red after the shave.. :P

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