Urbanscapes @ KLPAC

Posted by + Suresh + on Thursday, July 2, 2009

Last Saturday was the Urbanscapes Musical and Arts Festival@ Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre(KLPAC)..and thanks to Spectre i manage to obtain 2 invites to the event with Samantha as my guest.

events being events..there's a high chance there's going to be traffic jam.so i took the best alternatif and took the LRT to Sentul..plan my time perfectly well and was suppose to meet Sammy and Serge at the Sentul LRT station by 1.10pm..as there is shuttle provided by the the orgnanizers of Urbanscapes but unfortunately i got held up at the Bukit Jelutong Petronas Station..the noozle got jammed in my petrol tank..wondering how??i'm as mystified as you are..so it delayed me for about half an hour...after that i got going..n parked my car at the Tmn Bahagia LRT station..n reached sentul at 1.40...crap..made Sammy wait for so long..real sorry...Serge was waiting with her so we then took the 2pm shuttle and headed to KLPAC..

the crowd rushing in to get the tix..since the guys from celcom were giving away 2 free entry tix just by purchasing rm30 ringgit of credit..

finally free..ehh what r u doing there??*waves*..ur spoiling my pic..

finally no one kacau..me n sammy

with Jacque

found all this words kinda nicely written in the theatre there...no idea who they are they tho..LOL

Even unwanted items can make good decoration..

oh yea...the coolest thing of all they had stand up comedy..and for once in my life..a public comedy displayed to the public with a bunch of foul languages..XD

oh yea...the dude in action

haha...jacque dared me to try to "camwhore"..tho i know i suck at it..girls do it much better



well on a hot day..we decided to sit down n cool off under a big oak tree..no better place to grab a good shoot

everyone was either here or there

with Birthday girl Hitomi..aka chiew pin

Ewin hads the coolest hp lens cover..notice the round ring??lol

After that me n Sammy spent the best part of 1 hour going to all the blogshops at the main entrance..i tell you she's such a fashionista..i think she gave me a real gud lecture on girls fashion..LOL.

and yea Sammy..you'll get the dress that you so wanted soon..

These 3 comedians were bz making a fool of themselves..one was dressed up as a Dato..n her side kick in pink tied a ribbon to the tree n she then said "saya merasmikan majilis pada hari ini"..
btw thats a guy dressed with mask on...notice the bulu kaki..hehe

close up look at the unwanted items..makes a real good decorative thing
with a collection of speakers,old lorry tyres,dustbin,flashlight,bicycle,drums,water tank,and outdoor lamps

this guys outside kept the crowd up on there heels with some rock pumping music on a sizzling hot day

Jackie, Annie,Me & Samantha decided to check out the Japanese house on the other side of the Sentul Lake which was actually a restaurant that was connected to a very big koi fish breeding ground.

restaurant by the pond..what better place to eat while resting you eye by the scene of greenery

There was another Japanese house they had there..it had a glass platform as their floor with a small opening..which enable visitors to buy fish food and to feed the fishes.

Samantha..doing what she does best..

Aaron doing it the Cincau Way

leng chai yatz showing us how to be macholy

inside the theatre after watching Sumolah by Xpax we were entertained by a band that pumped up the base..with a lady like guy dancing gracefully on around

by then on it was getting late...some of us went back...and some were enjoying the display of fire and there was mini like gathering,...where the performing arts students gathered with the crowd as they played some music with the likes of kompang,drums and etc

After Sammy went back..i then decided to go n check out the blogshops that were there..to my surprise i recognize someone who looked quite familiar..she looked like Amanda Choe..then it cross my mind i remember Amanda telling us on ruumz the other day that she was opening a stall, so i headed in and

Amanda & Friend..whose more muscular??

i think panda was written on the tape..Amanda if ur reading this..whats with the tape??XD and yea...on very hot day..they actually had popshuvit,estrange and other local bands pumping up the night all the way to 12 am entertaining everyone over there..all in all..it was good for me...since its the first time i attended Urbanscapes..

pic of the day

a great view of nature at its best

Urbanescapes was awesome


David Jr said...

Hi Suresh, looks like the entire nuffnang was there too. Anyway, nice pics and I especially like the hanging items. Cool.


Spectre said...

Hope U have a great time there ~Suresh XD

Ewin Ee said...

nice nice nice!

Dylan said...

great event! will be looking forward to more events like this in the future!

k*a said...

wow..seems like u r having fun! Thanks for the post..at least i know now what went on there...

have a good sunday

HitoMi^^ said...

apa lah ni. wrong name...and then ho, your photos damn little >.<

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