A Special Birthday Dedication To Sze Ling

Posted by + Suresh + on Friday, April 17, 2009

Today marks a very auspicious day for a friend of mine called Sze Ling..it's her 21st Birthday..like most of us here in Malaysia.It's the time where we officially enter adulthood and our parents gives us the key to unlock the lock that's been hanging on our legs all the while..*tongue stuck*lol

so yea finally we can be free...but make no mistake bout it..they(parents) will always have a spare key to lock it back..so beware.!!hahaha..

Ok..Ok..let me introduce the bday girl.

Happy 21st Birthday Sze L!!!!!

tHE Bday girl..ahh..she just look too serious..in truth she's really not..LOL

Shot during my bday early this year..i was bald!!well nearly..

oh ya at her free time..she loves doing ADS for McD

A Short Message:

May this year be a blessed and wonderfull year ahead for you!!!
May you be blessed with all the love,joy and happiness..
Always remember i'm always here to lend a shoulder if you ever need it..
and i cannot thank you enough for making my birthday this year a blast
n yea thanks for always being so supportive of me,lending a ear when i tend to rant..lol

last but not least..thanks for being a wonderfull friend!!!
even though i have to hear your "no ar n yes ar alot"..LOL
so yea..it's ur 21st Birthday!!!

hope you have a wonderfull day..
ahh n yes..hope u get lotsa presents to open!!!
n yea..21st is just a number only..you still act like your 16 so no worries...=P

take care n God Bless!!!



Loke said...

wah so nice. i hope someone can dedicate a post to me too!


kenwooi said...

haha happy birthday! =D

szeling said...

Suresh Dear..

Thanks so much! Glad to actually know u in person and u're definitely a nice friend to be with!

This is the first time ever that someone to dedicate a birthday post in a blog to me like tat! Appreciate it so much!

Hope u're always fine and happy ya~
Feel free to find me if u have anything..

~take care~ *hugs*

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