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Posted by + Suresh + on Sunday, November 17, 2013

For some of us the daily routine of commuting to and fro between work, college or running errands takes up most of our time on a daily basis. While staying in a big city like Kuala Lumpur represents more opportunities, it can be quite testing on ones patience, especially with the unpredictable traffic conditions around the Klang Valley.

The hustle and bustle of getting from Point A - Point B takes more time. While driving long distance and frequently getting stuck in traffic jams adds on to the wear and tear of your vehicle, but people are all so busy with their own work, vehicles are often neglected. But Fret Not! With DTOX - Drive Thru Oil-Change Express in just 10 minutes you get the best of both world by Saving Time! Maintaining Your Vehicle! with a variety of packages to choose from.

DTOX is Malaysia's First Oil Change Drive Thru located in the heart of Petaling Jaya and goes with the tagline "We Change Your Oil Not Your Schedule".

The Drive Thru Concept was thought off thorough planning and repetitive practices, where their staffs are trained to work as a team, in order to provide quality servicing for the car in the most efficient manner possible. At the time of service, several mechanics will work simultaneously at different parts of the car according to their assigned standard operating procedure to carry out their tasks. 

All you have to do is just drive in and get your car service done while you wait in your car for a Maximum time of just 10 minutes. Sounds Cool? Whats even Cooler is No Appointments are needed prior to Arrival.

With the availability of 4 Service Bays to service vehicles, you can be assured you would get your car serviced in no time at all. 

So Last Friday, I decided to give DTOX A Try! So I brought by Kelisa Over for a Due Service.

Two Of the Mechanics working on the car with one removing the Old Engine Oil & The Other replacing the Oil Filter.

What you see is an iPad App used by Staffs of DTOX to Save Customer & Vehicle Information for Future Use and Reference Purposes.

The in App Calculator, calculates the Service Packages chosen by the customer and also calculates other Added Services Available should you opt for it.

The available packages are quite affordably priced with Free Labour during Service 

Being a 10 minute Drive Thru Oil Change Outlet, you wouldn't have to get down during time of Service. All you have to do is 

Step 1: Park at the assigned Service Bay, 
Step 2: Off The Engine
Step 3: Pop the Hood
Step 4: Wine down your window.

Here's an interesting fact, Malaysia is a tropical country with a hot climate all year long, so probably a customer would be reluctant to stay in their car during the service with their engine and air conditioner turned off. But Only at DTOX You Have

The photo on the far right is an air conditioning duct that is used to blow cold air into the cabin of the vehicle while service is being carried out. COOL!

DTOX's Goal is to service a customer's car in 10 minutes, hence the photo above is an air suction device to drain out the engine oil from the car in a short space of time and you can service the car from right under without needing to get it hoisted up.

Customer's who opt to get down from their car could also enjoy free coffee in the waiting room

So head down to DTOX- Drive Thru Oil Change Express to give your ride it's tender care it deserves, with the assurance your vehicle is in good hands with experienced mechanics available at your disposal.

My car was serviced in 8 Minutes 31 Seconds

Signature Plus+ Inspection package is also available,where your car's tyre pressure is checked along with the topping up of brake fluid, power steering fluid, radiator coolant, windscreen washer, battery water, air filtration service, cabin filtration service, checking of wiper blades, battery diagnostic, checking of lights and high beam, brake pad inspection and lastly check indicator, rear, break and reverse lights as part of the package.

The Two Brain-Child behind DTOX - Drive Thru Oil Change Express: Chris & Hendrik.
Thanks for having Me Over at your Outlet.

For More information on DTOX & The Packages Available

Do Visit Them At 
Website: http://www.dtox.com.my
FB: https://www.facebook.com/dtoxmalaysia?fref=ts


No.2 Lorong 8/1D, Jalan Sultan, Section 8, Petaling Jaya
Open Daily 
Weekday : 7am - 7pm
Weekend : 9am - 5pm
Email: support@dtox.com.my
Tel 03 7958 3869

* Nearby PJ Hilton & Right Opposite Balai Polis Petaling Jaya


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