Be A Smarter Driver With Shell FuelSave 95 #DesignedToLastLonger

Posted by + Suresh + on Sunday, November 10, 2013

On a weekly basis, I cover an average of 200 Kilometres by driving around the Klang Valley to get my errands done. Driving through various traffic conditions and under different weather conditions  can be quite challenging at times.

As we know different individuals on the road have different driving patterns, fast, slow and etc. But as a driver who commutes from one location to another, have you ever asked yourself are you encouraging fuel efficiency with your vehicle? With the constant increase in global oil prices and lowering of Government subsidies, how do you fill your car with a tank petrol and gain more mileage and at the same time save a good amount of money? Sounds Good? The Answer be a Smarter Driver with Shell FuelSave 95!

With the essence of providing fuel efficiency, Shell FuelSave 95 is designed to last longer.
Its specially developed Active Efficiency Ingredients are designed to work from the very first fill without compromising on the performance of your vehicle.

The fuel is designed with its main goal to improve engine efficiency to help you get a little further on each tank, reduce energy losses in the engine by lubricating where engine oils are less effective, such as the upper piston ring and most importantly to keep inlet valves clean to prevent deposit formation and improve engine efficiency.

Is there a whole lot of difference when using Shell FuelSave 95? While the fuel has been Designed & Proven to increase Fuel Efficiency, But First Step in achieving this goal starts from the DRIVER!

In conjunction with Shell's goal of encouraging vehicle owners to be more Fuel Efficient through their Fuel Saving Tips, Shell recently held a customer engagement at selected vehicle groomer outlets under Shine Shine and CARs International to promote smart driving practices among Malaysian drivers.

Motorists who send their cars for a wash at selected Shine Shine outlets in Melaka, Johor Bahru, Seremban and the Klang Valley, as well as to CARs International in Penang are offered a free car fuel efficiency check based on the Shell FuelSave Tips. 

The Shell FuelSave Tips include a tire pressure check and car boot inspection, planning for the most fuel efficient route, using the right fuel and an examination of when the next car service is due. This fuel saving tips adds knowledge to a driver who could save so much more with just a few easy steps.

Shell ambassador's are consistently at the selected outlets to aid you with information and also answer to you should you have any questions regarding Fuel Efficiency Tips!

So Do Drop by Shine Shine & CARS International to give your car a nice wash & Learn some valuable Fuel Efficiency Tips by Shell's Ambassadors.

Be A Smarter Driver With Shell FuelSave 95 #DesignedToLastLonger

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Written for Shell Malaysia & Ogilvy PR Worldwide


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