The All New Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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We live our daily life with the joy of connecting with friends and family though various platforms.But the QUESTION remains, Are you Inspiring Everyday Creativity & Enhancing Productivity to it's fullest? Well now you can with the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note II. It is the most powerful smartphone that sparks everyone's creative inspirations.

I was invited for the Media Launch for Samsung's latest gem at Zebra Square last thursday thanks to Manoah Consulting & Samsung.I must say, The Samsung Galaxy Note II lives up to it's predecessor the Samsung Galaxy Note I. Samsung's latest smartphone takes portability of smartphones to a whole new level. It best explains the development of technology today.

Firstly, how different is the Samsung Galaxy Note II? 

=> The Galaxy Note II is built to inspire everyday creativity and enhance productivity with it's  ground-breaking features. Offering people the ability to personalise and express content naturally,the device is designed to support users as they live and extraordinary life.

=> The Galaxy Note II's display is improved with a vivid immersive 5.5-inch HD Super Amoled display, equipping people with perfect viewing experience on-the-go.

=>Providing efficient management of tasks,the Galaxy Note II's Air View feature displays a preview of content when the S Pen hovers over an icon.

=> The Galaxy Note II offers amazing creative tools, such as the vastly improved S Pen, so people can easily express any idea and emotion with style.

Now let's get on to business at What Happened at the Official Media Launch!

This was taken at the Official Keynote session where members of the Media & Press were invited.

We had the first glimpse of The Galaxy Note II and all i've got to say i was most excited during the keynote session.Three of Samsung's Ambassador Adam Carruthers, Razif Hashim Ernest  Zacharevics were also there to share their experiences on how the Samsung Galaxy Note II aids them in their daily live.

Now allow me to talk you through a few main functions of the Newly launched Galaxy Note II.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is powered by a 1.6 GHz Quad-Core Processor equipped with a 5.5 inch HD Super Amoled Display which makes it such a powerful smartphone.On the contrary the Note II is powered by the latest Android 4.1 OS Jelly Bean which aid the devices in terms of performance and portability.

Unbeatable Viewing Experience

The 5.5 inch HD Super Amoled Display Plus screen provides and amazing visual clarity.The screen is made with a 16:9  screen ratio that offers an immersive and enriched theater-like video viewing experience.The screen is standing at 5.5 inch is much larger than the Galaxy Note I which stands at 5.3 inches.The 5.5 inch screens provides extra readability when accessing contents and browsing online.The Galaxy Note II is thinner and lighter as well compared to it predecessor.

Advance S Pen & S Note Usage

The S Pen is a touch of genius made alive and it makes user experience all the more wonderful.The S Pen has various features that not only aids but portrays the creativity in you.The Air View feature allow people to hover over using the S Pen on e-mails.S Note, S Planner, Image Galleries or even Videos to preview content without having to open the file folder.The S Pen allows users to easily capture and flourish their ideas instantly by merging digital content and handwritten work directly on to screen. The S Pen button is placed comfortably at the finger tip of your thumb and it allows a person to crop,edit a selected content by pressing the button on it.

Brezzy Multitasking 

People our age are usually always on the go and if there is one thing we do a lot, is juggling our work.Life can't get any better when you have the brezzy multitasking function that allows you to watch a video, text a friend perhaps, or simple sketch out your ideas. The 3 most notable functionality are the:

Pop Up Note

It allows the S Note to be opened as a pop-up windows anywhere on screen,while watching a video and even when you take a call


It aids by allowing people the capability and ability to multitask without having to switch in between screens. Wicked!

Pop Up Video

It goes to greater heights by allowing people to extend the concept of 'Pop Up Play' where videos become a floating window on display with just a touch of a button. Simplicity at your fingertips!

Quick Command 
The Quick Command function using the S Pen allows people to make shortcuts. Just swipe away on the S Pen upwards and you have a pop up window that opens that allows for handwritten commands. 

Got Yourself Hooked?

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is available in 2 colors 

Marble White & Titanium Grey
Available here in Malaysia starting from 19th October 2012 onwards.

For more information on technical specifications and information view it here
from 19th October.

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