Time To Elevate: Feel The Difference!

Posted by + Suresh + on Thursday, August 9, 2012

It was just like the usual normal daily routine i was doing when i received a message from Don, regarding an upcoming party that would be held at the newly open Legato Bistro Bar in JB.

Now like you have heard from me previously, Johor Bahru is a totally different atmosphere when it comes to night life & parties as the lifestyle many live here is pretty much laid-back and relaxed. Therefore there are very few that fancy attending parties here. But hey it's been awhile since i've attended one so why not unwind on a lovely saturday night. The plus point was it was just 5 minutes drive from my place.

The Event know as Elevate was a first for me and it represented a totally different experience. For the first time it was good meeting some new bloggers from JB as i am more familiar with the KL bloggers. Earlier on saturday, i dropped by Legato to pick my invites from Melissa. Each blogger are entitled to bring along 14 friends.. Awesome Sauce!

So i brought along Deepak, Ganesh and Mavin. They totally enjoyed themselves! More in the photos below :D

How it all Started Out?

The night started of slow as everyone was unfamiliar with the new faces and surroundings.So all we need was the opening act to get everyone warmed up and hit the ice breaker..Firstly the night started of with performances from the Mocha Girls from Philippines. Oh yes on their 2nd song everyone was warmed up and started sharing a few conversations here and there. It was good that Melissa reserved the first 2 tables in front of the stage for the bloggers so we didn't have to move much in getting good photos.

                                               The Mocha Girls Pumping up the Crowd

       Mav was called up on stage and YEA!! he was showing us a side of him we rarely see

Next Up was the boys from Showdown 2011 Elecoldxhot

The boys put on a good show they got few others to join them on stage and strut their moves out..

Next Up is the Beautiful and Lovel DJ Siera Lee all the way from Korea.
Her main strength in hyping up the crowd with her wonderful Club Mixes of RnB and Hip Hop Genre got everyone off their chair and i was the lucky 3 to be up and close with her..

                                                                       DJ Siera Lee

It was awesome night with the 3 main acts and everyone was even more pumped out with the free flow of beer and whiskey which totally aided in cranking up the party even more.. I totally enjoyed myself that night and its been awhile..

                                                     With the bro from CIMB..

                             When we all got a lil hmm tipsy!! Hence the facial expression

                                              The weirdest photo of the night LOL

                                                         When The Night Was Young

                                                             Cynthia & Armstrong
                                                          Cynthia & Myself

                                                       Cynthia, Rubhini & Mavin

                                                            Group Shot at our Table!

                                                                         The Girls
Last But not Least..

Thanks heaps Elevate & Melissa for having us over and walking us in #LikeABoss =p

                                                                        with Melissa

It was an awesome night nonetheless!!
Good Meeting New Faces and I'm sure everyone enjoyed themselves a whole Lot!

Cant wait for the next Party!! Till Then Adios Amigos..

Advertorial Written for Elevate 


Kian Fai Koh said...

fuih!! Elavate eh, didnt have chance to go >.>

Anonymous said...

Looks like an exciting place to hang out.

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