International College Of Music Night Out!!

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ICOM'S Night Out

It began with The Celebrities Club inviting ICOM to come and play at their Venue.
The concept was to allow our musicians the exposure to learn and shine at the same time.The
concept of this was for a self interest and to govern it to greater heights. So for the first show
of ICOM'S NIGHT OUT, Our Line Up was- The Granadilla Band, Instrumental Soloists and
Gellobeam. The night would then end with a Jam Session. Everyone would have had fun and
enjoyed themselves, gone home happy.

However, Last Thursday, the Producer of ICOM'S Night Out, Joanna Marie Gough was
approached by a fellow student in college. Natasha Humera Ejaz, a student from Pakistan
voiced out about her country and how that the suffering there is far worse than what we could
possibly imagine. That 20 million people are in need of Aid. Immediately after that, talks were
done on the same day to change the production into a charity show. 100% of our RM20
CoverCharge would be given to Mercy Malaysia's Pakistan Relief Fund. Our Musicians,
Sound Engineer and Stage Crew were all willing to give up their payment and cut to aid those
who need it more than us.

That was the turning point. The voice of 1 Pakistani Girl who wanted to help her home
country.With only 6 days(including the weekend) before the actual day of the show, we already
comprehended this- We would not be able to raise enough money that we could possibly
want to.Therefore we decided to use our musical talent show to be a voice for a change.We
may be little but we can most certainly share a message with the community of Malaysia.
That The Youth of this country is able to be the voice of change. That we in our own talents
and passions can still help whether it'd be only 5 days that hooked all of us around from a
show to a charity and our insistence that Pakistan, in its Slow Rise Tsunami urgently needs
help NOW..
We want to play our part to help, especially if this helps one of our fellow friends

Biography of Bands Performing for the Night.

⁃ What started out as a genuine appreciation of musicality amongst musicians turned into a
band that is tastefully listenable. An indie band that draws its inspiration from real life
experiences and shares a perspective on life that is easy to understand and relate
to.Having different musical backgrounds from pop,rock,jazz,rnb,soul and hiphop the
band most certainly has an "anything goes" approach to their music.Though whatever
sound the band go for they always keep to their original goal which is to be tasteful. Less
than a year old this band certainly shows much promise for the greater.

Instrumental Soloists

Loh Ui Li on the Piano

⁃ Loh Ui Li began playing the piano only 2 years ago. Being an electone player, Loh Ui Li
found it difficult switching to piano as the touches and timbre were far different and was
difficult to control. However she was inspired by Japanese Piano Player, Hiromi Uehara.
WOWed by her dynamics and emotions presented in Hiromi's pieces Loh Ui Li was then
determine to express her love for music on the piano. She shall be presenting herself on
the piano, solo playing Jazz Fusion pieces.

Eugene Yeo Yu Chuan

⁃ A small town boy from Kuching, Sarawak trying to make it big in the music industry,
Eugene Yeo has been playing the violin for almost 13 years now and is still going. Being
brought up in a musical family, he picked the violin at the tender age of 6. However, his
love for the violin was not immediate. In fact, it took some time to even hold the string
instrument correctly in the beginning, as he is left-handed. After overcoming that
obstacle, he started performing in his early teens and soon grew to love being on stage.
Now at the age 19, the aspiring performer has performed extensively around Sarawak,
Sabah and Johor. The kinds of music he brings to his audience ranges from instrumental
acoustic to latin and world music.

Terry Tim

⁃ Terry Tim began learning the guitar back when he was 15 years old. In those days he
played it for the fun of it and could never have dreamt that he'd come up to study music
as a Degree. Until one day when he was dared to learn and play "Drifting by Andy
McKee" -In 3 Days. Since then, Finger style Percussion has become his life influence. His
mentor and life influence is now Antoine Dufour whom he looks up to, to improve.

-and the Band-


⁃ The band first found each other after a series of fortunate events at The International
College of Music, where each band member connected with one another on a musical
level. They were the Crazy Pianist Loh Ui Li, Pie-Loving Bassist Daniel Subah, Slumber
Guitarist Richie and The Loud Drummer Cliff Wong. However, the completion of the
band came only when they added their vocalist Annmarie Stanislaus. Be prepared to be
entertained by their unique sounds from RnB, Ska (similar to Raggae Pop) and Broadway

For Further Information of the bands, please contact Joanna Gough@0165177295.
For Bloggers who would like to cover the event,please contact Suresh @0167014912

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to contact Joanna(Producer of ICOM's Night Out)

A last shout out to everyone..If your interested in donating but can't make it to the can donate by visiting this site

Your support is much appreciated..


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