My 20th Birthday Pics

Posted by + Suresh + on Saturday, January 24, 2009

here's a short post on my recent 20th birthday!!!

well i basically spent the whole day sitting at home n attending to all the calls,smses n facebook wall post that juz kept coming in..i practically got lost in all the wonderfull wishes...thanks a bunch guys for all the wonderfull wishes..=)

ahah..wait!!!takkan i spend my whole day at home ryte??

well headed to UTM at 5pm to fetch Sze Ling..we then went to watch a movie at City Square...the title is a secret!!..LOL..

the light makes our face kinda shiny n blur..LOL

Miss Sze ling decided to visit her friends from ice age 3

weird bunch of animals..especially tat nut hanging there...XD

After the movie we did abit of walking around hunting for food..walked like 45 minutes,but still couldnt think what to eat..i guess the popcorn really made us really we headed back to UTM,dropped by the Mcdonalds drive thru place for yamcha...ok ok..more like supper..LOL..

Sze L decided to do the french fries ad...


psss:before i go..juz wanna say thanks alot Sze Ling for being there with me on my big day..always remember..ones a friend always one..friends till the end..!!!!..=)


szeling said...

Nice sweet post from u..
Yea, agree.. once a friend, always a friend.. Thanks~~

+ Suresh + said...

awwwww..thank you...
u made my day u must have been a tiring day after classes..thanks for being there..really appreciate it lotsa

yeap..friends 4 eva n eva.LOL

curryegg said...

So sweet... haha.. glad to hear from you guys.. ;)

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