The Messages That Made My Birthday A Blast!!

Posted by + Suresh + on Friday, January 16, 2009

I had the Bestest Birthday ever!!!not so much of what i did..but more like the wonderfull blessings i was given.

The wonderfull people:

1. Ruth Tan

Hey there
Blessed B'thday in advance!
have a blast !
all da best in all u pursue :)
hows it goin neways ?
take care n God bless

- this message was the first advance message i receive 3 days before the day

2. Jeffrey Ong

Sudah tua satu tahun.. =P So what's ya plan??
Nways, wishes you the best of everything to come..
Have a fruitful year.. =P

3. Celine Yap

Happy birthday, Suresh!
I finally found another person whom share the same birthday date with me. :)
Have a wonderful birthday and a blessed year ahead! God bless.

- yay!!..i found someone who has the same Bday as me..Happy Birthday Celine!!!=)

4. Sze Ling

Dear Suresh,

Happy Birthday!
~Wishing the best for you always~

- thanks for the wishes..btw nice choice of movie you picked last nite..=)

5.Curry Egg aka Kelly Tan

Happy birthday boy.. Oh my. You're growing up d. HAhaha.... Have a great celebration with.... ;)

This sis of mine actually scared the hell out of me..She called me when i was at the cinema saying she was from Nuffnang n requested my house address to send the cheque..i was like..i didnt request for a cheque yet..LOL..use ur mums hp sumore hey..LOL..Thanks for the lovely wishes..=)

6. Anne Marie Isabelle

OMG!!!..she practically sang the whole song for me..LOL..n yea she added this line..ur born in the zoo with the monkeys n lions,n u smell like one too..LOL..funny u..haha..well u should start ur bday with a laughter by Anne

7.Sandra Low

Hi..Happy 2 u~~
Suresh, wish u..
*happy always..
*handsome always..
*healthy n all the dreams come true~~

8.Grace Yap

Happy Birthday! Wish u a yr older a yr handsome!

9.Shin Puay

Happy Bdae =)
may all ur wishes cum true
*All de best in everything*

10. Jamie Liew

Happy Birthday Suresh!! it must be a lucky day, so many people is born on this day! *wipes sweat*

11.Shirleen Ong

Happy birthday :D

12.CathyC aka Siok Wah

woi..happieeee burffdaaayyy =)


Happy Birth Day bro ........ enjoy ....... cheers :-)
-btw this dude called me at 4am from india..LOL..thanks man..come back college soon..

14.Mr Suresh

Many more happy returns of the day and god bless you.( lecturer from college)

15.Mr Jerry

Happy Birthdaying!!

16.Ikhe Kecil

Hey Suresh..
Happy Bday......
wish u all d best !

17.Deedee Mccam

Happy Birthday!
Have a great one...
God Bless..

18.Christine Choo

Happy Birthday!!
See... I remembered =)
Actually I din noe.. But hey, its the thoughts that count...
God Bless you!

btw thanks for the wishes on ur blog too...hehe

19.Sandip Mitra

Hey suresh..happy b'day and see ya soon..cheers :)

20.Jay Anne

Hey mister....happy bday sweety. have a .
c u soon

21.Mohammad Javad

hey Dude Happy birthday!!!

22.Fatin Nadiah

Happy Birthday....
May God Bless yea...
Take Care....

thanks akak Nadia..=)

23.Anati Susilowati

happy birthday mr. ryan!

psss: i want ur nikon cam..XD

24.Peiinn Chin

happy birthday =)

keep on smiling ya..dun sad sad k..

25.Grace Koh

Happy birthday Suresh!! Have fun! :)

26.Adele Melissa

happy birthday :)

27.Lim Elly

happy bday fren:)

28.Victoria po

Happy Birthday!!!!


Happy Birthday Suresh!!!


hey u..
happy bday :)

31.Shealy Tan

happy birthday yo!


hey suresh happy bday! hope u have a great day and an awesome year wishes..

33.Wit Lyn

hey suresh!!!
Hope you'll have a great one this year..=)

do take care ya...have fun in Perth...must keep in touch k..

34.Melissa Mok

happy birthday!!

35:Dino Andy


36.Brenda Beh

hey there...
happy birthday :)

37:Tiffany Loh

so sorry i didnt pick up your call yesterday night. :(

happy belated birthday!! :)

still early larh...btw u owe me a milo sniffany..XD

38:Li Ying

Happy Birthday boy!!


ehh..i still look young ka??haha..thanks..XD

39:April Teng

Happy Birthday!!

do have a blastfull day

N a special thanks to my family,friends and all the special people around me for the wishes n love..if i've forgotten to post any of ur message let me know ya...=)


curryegg said...

oopss.. :P

So naughty of me.. ^^

szeling said...

Lol.. So many birthday greetings u listed out. Shows that you've been concerned and cared by so many ppl! Haha..
~have a great year ahead~

ShiNYi said...

happy belated birthday? :/
anyway, wish you have a great year ahead. :)

Agnes said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY?!?!?!?!? xD...

belated d... sorry T__T

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