The RC Deaf Exhibition

Posted by + Suresh + on Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The RC Deaf Exhibition was held at Sunway Piramid on 21st of September.

The Exhibition Featured:

- Fashion Show by the Deaf
- Selling of Paintings,Earrings,T-shirts,Calendars, and Handicraft items.

but before i get there..a special thanks to kelly jie jie aka Curry Egg for the invite..

Aiyo..i look so serious..ishh..LOL..
Me N Kelly

She's deaf and blind..but she's hard at work..
curious to know what she's up too???

There u go..isn't it amazing??this hand made house designed with drawers.

Lim Anuar's Masterpiece

Calendars and Greeting Cards for sale

Lim Anuar and The Models


curryegg said...

Honestly, I'm happy that you enjoyed the exhibition.. :)
Glad to meet you as well.. ^_^

Btw, that photo don't look serious la.. instead, macho.. kekekz... :P

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