I'm going Silent this Halloween with Nokia ExpressMusic

Posted by + Suresh + on Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The month of October has finally come..and it's that time of the year,where zombie's roam the streets,vampires waiting in the dark for fresh blood!!!!witches lingering in the air!!!pumpkins come alive!!!.The month of Halloween has finally come!!!!!!it's gonna be the Scariest Fright Night Ever..well since i've never been to any Halloween Parties which is sad.,i'm not missing out this year..thanks to Nuffnang and Nokia..they present the Silent Halloween at down town Borneo Baruk Club.

This will be the most eeriest and scariest Silent Dance Party ever....wait!!!! silent??dance??how on earth could we dance without music???

The secret to this is,Fellow Nuffnagers can listen,dance,scare the hell out of people along with the music loaded into each others mobile phone..Scaring people has never been so much fun!!!HAHAHAHA...NokiaExpress Music the Next Generation in Technological Advancement..

The New Nokia 5220 ExpressMusic

In the eyes of a Vampire..Blood is sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If looks could kill dun mess with it !!!

As i have never heard or attended any Silent Halloween Party before,i'm most certainly looking forward to the Scariest Halloween Party ever,and a special thanks to again to Nokia for bringing a whole new creative way in celebrating Halloween.Truly something special,and not forgetting,there will be a band from the Nokia Independent Artists Club performing as well..how cool is that???

And not forgetting a very big thank you to Nuffnang,and Universal Studios also for giving us the opportunity to celebrate this Halloween with all our fellow Bloggers and of course trick or treat!!!! *evil grins*


jolyn cutiez said...

Wooo.. Killer Look~~ *Faint*

★Jasmine said...

haha~ woo spooky dude! =D

+ Suresh + said...

Jolyn Cutiez - thanks..adoi u fainted..*calling ambulance*..haha

Jasmine - Thanks!!!..hahaha..

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