Multicultural Night Part - 1

Posted by + Suresh + on Wednesday, September 17, 2008

APIIT&UCTI had their Multicultural Night celebration on August 22nd..

this event was the second biggest event of the year organized by us...Student ARC members..

our theme this year was "Where Colours Meet" symbolizing the many different cultures APIIT students come from..we have students from 51 countries over here..below are the highlight of the night

The Emcees..Leka,Sami N Desiree

Display of Flags during the Malaysian National Anthem

Sami Parvez along with the Student ARC and Music Club members singing the Unity song

Ilona left and Akzhelen in action doing the belly dance

Dance Club's Breakdance Crew showing us some brilliant moves

The 2 lovely ladies from Indonesia doing the tarian Njareng

The Indian Rockers showing us some Bollywood dance..btw this guys are really from India =)

Multicultural Night Part - 2 Coming Soon!!!


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