Mister Potato Presents Battle Royale Campus Dodgeball 08

Posted by + Suresh + on Monday, September 8, 2008

Malaysian Association Of Dodgeball held their first ever Battle Royale Campus Dodgeball tournament at 1 Utama ( 30/08/2008 )

The competition involved 16 private colleges from KL..

they were the APIIT's Techwiz(My College),Taylor's Hyenas,UCSI's Devil's Duke,BINARY's Bombers,TOC's Velocity,KBU's Thugz,Monash's Warlords,KDU's Ronins,SEGI's SJ's Trojans,MIT's Mitans,SEGI KD's Barbarians,MMU's Phlamez,LIFE's Predators,METROPOLITAN's Maestro,HELP's Hyper Blades and last but not least UNITY's Tiger...The teams also had their own cheer team,with the kind support from the Charm Cheerleaders..

okay..enough of the intro..LOL..i reached 1 Utama around 10am n waited for my other team members to come..was kinda bored as i was early..so took this pic..

Opening Ceremony by the head of Malaysian Association Of Dodgeball(MAD)

alamak..someone's head decided to interrupt..LOL..

My friends looking really anxious..especially Ji Hsia..ahha

The Tournament soon started..n i wasn't with my hp most of the time..so below are the pics i manage to snap...

The emcee's Andrew N Malaysian Artist Liang

This were the girls who were giving out Mister Potato chips n 7 Up revive drinks..
sempat pose oso..LOL

Then during the break..it was time to have some more fun..the emcee's team then played against the Charm Cheer Girls..

Wait!!! hang on a moment!!!if the emcee's are playing..whose commentating??..well both Sami and Leka decided to take over...

Here they are..

Ashu decided to show is machoness by teaching the girls on how to play..XD

ehhh..lucky guy..LOL..


Decided to pose for more pics..XD

Group Pic... from left Me,Leka,Michael,Aravin and Ashu

Taylor's Hyenas came out champ!!!..as they showed their skills and team work..congrats to Alyssa and the Gang

Group pic of the Dodgeball Family with the champs,1st runner up and 2nd runner up with all the other players...

all of us were chanting merdeka!!!!merdeka!!!merdeka!!!!merdeka!!..XD..

this showed peace and love for our country..we showed that if we stand together..nothing is impossible to achieve!!!!

At last i manage to pinjam the champs cheque board..thought of bringing it back home tho..LOL

It was a great day i must say...it had it all...unity among youths,teamwork,understanding,sportsmanship,fair play as there were no fights!!!!n more n more fun..yay!!!
Dodgeball Rocks!!!

Credits to MAD for organizing this wonderfull tournament..you guys certainly made a big hit with us...looking forward to next year...

oh yea not forgetting...special thanks to Wai Tat for working with our college on establishing a Dodgeball Club..Great Job man!!!!

for more information on Dodgeball and the rules of the game..do visit this page..
click here


curryegg said...

WOw... I want the cheque board too! :D

+ Suresh + said...

haha..can can..i go curi the board for u jie...LOL..wan??haha

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