Happy Birthday Fatin !!!!!

Posted by + Suresh + on Thursday, July 31, 2008

Today's one of my gud friend's Birthday...Happy Birthday Fatin,with wishes of lotsa,love,joy and happiness from me..hehe..ur a year older,yet ur cute as ever..=P...here's the pic of the bday girl...


A Testimonial,

She's 1 of my special friend that i consider a gem..she's funny..a gud listener,someone i talk too..when things aren't going my way...her words are juz comforting..n yea her jovialness as well as her bubblyness always keeps everyone smiling and the best thing of all she's 1 in a million... *Wink*..hahas ..it's been ever so nice knowing u =)...thanks a bunch..may gob bless you in
every walk of life,

Have a Blissfull Day!!!!

Take Care

Lotsa Love,
+ SuReSh +


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