Dodgeball Clinic at Padang@1 Utama

Posted by + Suresh + on Sunday, July 6, 2008

Last Saturday MAD( Mad About Dodgeball ) had their first campus dodgeball clinic at the padang @1 Utama...MAD is actually the company that created Campus Dodgeball Clubs for most of the Private Colleges under them..I must say other than meeting new friends from other colleges like Taylors College and Bandar Utama College..we also had lotsa of fun...below are some of the pics i manage to

Here's Andrew..1 of our trainers...his tactics on how to hit an accurate shot and to avoid being hit was great help...oh yea..everytime we got hit by a ball we had to do push ups..whether it's a guy or girl..but we really really enjoyed ourself..credits to MAD..

This fellow Dodgeballer decide to throw 2 balls at a time..hmmm..she has some pretty unique skills

Here's one of the dodgeballer's Alyssa Ng from Taylors College..

Finally, Wai Tat asked a few of the guys to be the target for 4 girls to aim at..they were actually practicing their shots on us...but the thing is it can get dangerous when the ball hit's that part..OOUCH!!!!..LOL..they were like sorry sorry..are you okay???hahas...real funny...btw dear readers do check out the official Dodgeball website at for more information on campus dodgeball as well as the rules of the game..till then..

stay tune for more pics..ciao!!!


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