The Unluckiest Thing Happened!!!!!

Posted by + Suresh + on Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Room Got Locked!!!!

Well yesterday after heading back home from college,i decided to have a cold shower as it was real hot over here in Bkt Jalil.After showering i went to my kitchen in the apartment to drink water...since my room was getting colder with the air-conditioner on..i decided to close the door of my room without locking it...then when i came back to open the room door it was lock...OMG!!!!!!!it was at nite d...Then i waited for my housemate Joel to come back as my hp was in my room too,darn!!!!then when he came back i called my uncle to get the 24hr locksmith's number.None of them picked up their i had to spend my night on the sofa ...sienz..then i had to miss my classes today cos i could not get my shirts frm the room...damn..btw i could not see myself going to college dressed in my shorts n Nike sports shoe..XD...Then Joel remembered that he saw a locksmith's number on the grocery shop's counter in the Clubhouse.So i rushed down and manage to get the number and rang Mr he then came at noon.He manage to opened the door without damaging any bearings inside the door knob... I must say he picked the lock like a true professional.His professional skill cost me 50 ringgit wor...So expensive sial!!!!arghhhh.. but the strange thing is he took oni 2 minutes to open the door.Well i soon found out that Mr Kenny's Shop was actually located in Shah Alam..Jeeeezzz!!!!thats why it was very costly...Oh well,atleast i manage to enter my i guess it's worth it

funny and strange a small incident like this can cause so much discomfort...


Jeffro said...

LOL.. just break the lock ma.. take a hammer and WHAMP the lock.. hehehe

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