A hectic Day At College!!!!

Posted by + Suresh + on Thursday, June 26, 2008

Today was very much a hectic day in college...it all started out when i went to college at 10.30...had alot of time to rest this morning since my Professional Communication Lecturer flew off to Hong Kong for a vacation...then had Quantitative Methods class wit Mr Tan..honestly his classes are real boring..n it gets abit interesting when he trys to crack some sorta joke..well the end product is the joke was never ever funny...lol..after class had to be at the SARC booth to help out as we had to collect the votes from our student who ahd voted for their favourite lecturers. This Appreciation Day on July 1 is organize by our very own SARC...while at the booth Michelle decided to pop by n help out....she was feeling real bored so she decided to take my laptop n surf the net for the local food blog..oh well..i guess she was hungry..XD..n after that we started talking bout cheerleading...so we decided to surf the star online youth 2 section for the teams that are taking part in cheer 2008..n i was suprised to find out Michelle's younger sis Madelline was the founder of her school's cheerleading team despite being only 16 years of age...very impressive...hahas..n Michelle if ur reading this..i wanna say i'm not hitting on ur mei mei ya..lol..haha...we then changed the topic again..n she was giving me chinese lessons..oh well atleast i learned a few more sentences today like " Shi Yin Wei Wo Tai Ai Ni> which basically means i love you alot for enternity...lol...*wink*

After that Me N Ashu had to meet the Mainstream Entertainment event company guys to request for a quotation for lighting,staging,pa system and marquee tents for our upcoming Multi Cultural Night this August 22nd..btw Pay Lee is our project manager...she's a very gud sis too..hahas...

then it was time to be at the ARC booth..again...then came 2 other guys from Dream Cube entertainment company...with their follow up on our requested quotation...if u guys are finding it weird why we asked 2 event companies to do a quotation for us???well it's simply because we wanted to compare prices as we will be spending 15 k juz on sound,lighting,stage and tents...
whoah!!!!expensive sial..=P

oh well..thats pretty much what happened the whole day...

tmrw will be having our song practice for Appreciation Day..all the ARC members will be singing You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban for the lecturers...hope my voice dun sound like a frogs voice tmrw....hahhahah..oh yea not forgetting Apiit's doing a Appreciation Dinner for all the ARC members who helped out at Sports Carnival..will be having the dinner at Nando's Midvalley...followed by us raiding the theatre to watch Angelina Jolie's new movie Wanted..Aigerim Issabayeva(Aya) will be officially 19th tmrw...i guess she'll be more hyper tmrw!!!!

btw thanks Tiffy for being so caring..The box of chocolates you bought me was very sweet of you..hahahha....thanks a bunch!!!!

till then

stay tuned!!!!


Jeffro said...

Wah.. so busy ar?? woot! good lor..
i oso busy, but on assignment.. cudnt even lend much of a help..

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