G-SHOCK - The Hard Resistant Watch for Adventure Lovers

Posted by + Suresh + on Thursday, June 12, 2014

Going out soon?  Perhaps for Rock Climbing later?

For some of us, there's an emptiness in us when we head out without our watches. Leading an active life with sports as a hobby or the rough physical daily surroundings represents a problem too. Watches are often made stylish and handmade to perfection, but the truth is, it lacks durability in tough conditions.

So Are you someone who loves getting involved in sporty outdoor activities and loves to travel backpacking style? All that challenging activity will make you lose track of time and you might feel worried to wear your expensive metal plated sapphire crystal watch for your activities. It will be a frustration if you keep knocking your watch during those wall climbing or hiking activities. The solution would be as G-Shock Malaysia is a brand which understands the concerns of energetic individuals.

The G-Shock brand is manufactured by Casio and produces a wide range of watches which are known to be shock resistant and have been tested on a number of occasions by their Engineer, Kikuo Ibe.

The watches are made and designed to withstand hard falls, strong vibrations and most notably high water level resistant. It is safe to say the watches are built for tough in the market today.

Men no longer have to feel limited in their daily activities as long as they put on their G-Shock watches that carry high durability. Besides the built, the watches come with a variety of unified features like Stopwatch, Countdown Timer and Light to help you set your timing for activities, as this is an essential element to help you see in dark areas. Every G-Shock watch comes in many colours such as pink,green,purple,yellow,black and white to suit each individual's taste.

Even on your kayaking ride in the fast flowing river, you will always feel secure with the long lasting resistance of your new G-Shock watch. You wouldn't have to take off your watch every time you are near water areas or climbing up a hill with G-Shock watches for men. Even professional athletes such as Yadin Nicol and Viki Gomez are strong supporters of G-Shock.

If your Interested to own a G-Shock watch? You could get your hands on these marvelous watches online by scrolling through Zalora’s Website. Add thrills to your adventures and take your style to another level by purchasing one G-Shock watch now.

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