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So i've always been a very big fan of Starbucks since small. May it be their awesome selection of Cappuccinos and Signature coffees or simply their lil offerings of sandwiches,pastry and cakes as well.The cozy Coffee place is frequently visited by many as their specially brewed selection and of course wifi-ed location gets you sitting for hours,while you surf around on your notebook.

I'm currently studying at Taylors University and i must say it awesomely awesome that we actually have a Starbucks Coffee outlet here.Life couldn't be better eyy? But life gets even better when you have the flashy Green BCard by your side.Be Rewarded for being a loyal customer at your favorite Merchants under the BCard Umbrella.

The Starbucks Outlet at Syopz Mall on Campus

Main Entrance by the lake

Now Introducing the BCard!! A Smart way to Enjoy The
Best Things In Life with B Rewards

What is BCard you may ask?

- BCard is basically a premier lifestyle and brand-focused reward program which allows
members to collect and redeem points at participating outlets.At Present BCard is available at
300 stores,Nationwide.

- BCard is unique as it rewards points both ways - when you spend & when you redeem.BCard is
pre-activated card and you can use your BCard immediately to collect points

- A member will receive a PIN via SMS or e-mail from BCard after BCard receives the member's
details from the merchant.PIN is required to check your points or to redeem at the store online.

We all love rewards and benefits and BCard gives you all that!! here's a listing of some of the awesome benefit/features that BCard would bring!

Benefits of BCard?

- No Annual Fee
- Lifetime Membership
- Rewards you twice i.e when you spend and when you redeem
- Instant Redemption at the Store i.e allow you to "cash-in" points for immediate cash rebates
- Exclusive online redemption at

Features of BCard?

- 1 BPoint =1 sen
- Allow Partial redemption (a minimum of 100 points)
- Check points via SMS or Online
- Points Expiry is 36 months after issuance (on a first in first out basis)

How do you apply for BCard?

It's simple log on to!!

The Website!

Once you've signed up for one..just wait a week or two and you'll be receiving your BCard.
Last but not least the BCard is real safe to use as the owner of the BCard would have to key in their pin number on the swipe machine to authenticate that the card is indeed theirs upon purchase.They would have to sign the print out copy exactly like when you swipe a credit card. Good Security!!

Here's an example of it.The point redeemed and
collected is shown to

But where can you use BCard at?

BCard can be used at 47 Merchants/Partners now and there's more to come in the near future.

Here's the listing of most of the 47 Merchants/Partners!

Imagine Krispy Kreme Doughnuts? or The Juicy Wendy's Burgers?
The BCard is awesome like that!

For More Info,Find them on Facebook & Twitter!

Advertorial Written for BLoyalty SDN BHD


Isaac Tan said...

oooh, i have one too ! :) oops, not just 1 but 2 actually.. >< .. pretty convenient to use, but a bit troublesome to setup if not done right.

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Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Oooh I also have 2! Hahaha kiasu ma :p
*stalking mode*

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