First Timers Are Always The Best!

Posted by + Suresh + on Friday, December 2, 2011

Don't you agree first timers are always the best? whether it's meeting a person for the first time or simply a new experience..Here's a blog post rewinding back to early this year where i meet a couple of bloggers for the very first time and the joy of it we clicked instantly!!

Early this year Bonjour Glow as she is known in blogosphere, organized a small gathering at Pavillion as it was her "first time" coming down to KL.The main purpose of gathering was to catch up with bloggers whom she as gotten to know through blogs, and according to her it was a different experience as she has never meet any bloggers or formally attended an event in KL. We all meet up casually at Carls Jr over lunch and let the photos do the talking..

Myself,Shah from Tehtarikmemoirs ,Glow,Li Chuen & Sim Yee

It was an interesting catch up over lunch i must say.We shared our own stories from blogging,like what made us start out blogging in the first place to blogging tips and the most interesting part blogger gossips.Everyone would agree as much as the world of blogosphere has to share,there are certainly loads of juicy stories to share and digest..*evil grin*.Shah had to leave earlier on as he had to head back to work,while the rest of us went walking all around Pavillion.

Now comes a rather interesting part,we were busily snapping photos when a sudden topic of whats your age emerged.Now never ask a girl whats your age or she might just kill you..haha just kidding..So we shared our age and birth dates and so happened the very next day happens to be my birthday..Glow suggested we get a few cupcakes to have a pre thoughtful!! But before that let me introduce to you the wonderful peeps!!

Thats Gloria better known as Glow

Arguably one of the most gentle and soft spoken blogger you would find around.Glow is someone you could have a conversation with for hours.

Li Chuen

She's someone i got to know through the Innit Chatbox and trust me she's one polite and wonderful individual..don't be fool by her smile,she can be talkative and often i get bullied by..right rockerina?or is it the other way? :D

Tikoss Chew

Where should i start at? Tikkoss quite often metions he's gay virtually yet straight in person.He's someone you can turn to when your having a bad day..cos quite simply he cracks the lamest of jokes.He currently resides in China and his current location is unknown

Sim Yee but known to us as Xing

She is pretty much a very shy person and very soft spoken as well.For those of you who don't know she's also the admin of Inniters Gathering.

Mind you it was my first time meeting them and it was awesome opportunity hanging out and attending events with them as well.Here's more group photos/camwhore photos taken at Snowflakes

The lovely cupcakes thanks to Glow,Li Chuen,Tikkoss & Xing

The Girls

With Glow the Gentle Moonlighting blogger
It's an honour representing & being your manager =)

Lucky Me!! XD

Lastly a wonderful camwhore photos with the wonderful people!!



Merryn said...

That looks so much fun! Snowflake, my favourite! Nice that you got to celebrate your bday with them too :)

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Lucky you! Surrounded by so many beautiful girls :D

Isaac Tan said...

whoa, nice one there bro! :) its always good to meet up with bloggers, with the same passion towards writing!

Chuen said...

lol...just realize us girls hair colour looks almost the same xD

Punk Chopsticks said...

I found your blog!!! Muahahahahah now you'll never be able to get rid of me. Lucky suresh lol, surrounded by so many pretty ladies xD

Punk Chopsticks said...

Oh and btw, I've tagged you in my blog! Now you've got to answer eleven questions about yourself...muahahahahah xD

Thristhan said...

Wow, so nice bro. Next round call me too, would love to join you peeps :)

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