One Step Closer to the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race

Posted by + Suresh + on Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hey Peeps!!

Have you guys heard of the upcoming Maxis Om Nom Nom Race??

Maxis is having this super duper mouth watering race called the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race!!
It's a lil different from the Amazing Race show on tv,this time you'll get your tummy filled with
wonderful food..Extreme Overload i tell ya!!

The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race will be held down town KL this time around at a venue that is quite famous for their sumptuous delicacies..

Venue: Modesto's,Ground Floor,Capital Square
Date: 15th January 2011
Time: 8am - 7pm

Why would i love to be part of the Maxis Nom Nom Race??

--> 1stly i gotta say that being a blogger that has written for various food outlets in and outside of KL,food is gotta be the first thing that comes across my mind when i begin my day!!

--> I'm an active out-goer and together with 3 other bloggers, we took part in a previous GSCinemas Treasure Hunt race and i consider myself very competitive as well.

--> Since this will be my very first food race,i would consider this as an amazing and rare oppurtunity to take part in something that i deal a lot with and added with 3 other group members of mine..i reckon we will be a strong force for the race

--> As motivation to take part as well,the prizes are super awesome 3D/2N trip to Hong Kong worth RM10,000 cannot be any better!!

--> Maxis being Maxis we will be providing us with an IPhone 4 to help us out in the race,nothing get any better when your aided with a smartphone like the IPhone 4.

It doesn't stop there!!

We are required to drive around here and there.. This is what i call a race with a burst of adrenaline rush!!

Like i said above Maxis will be providing us with an
iPhone 4 (with Finder301 apps and GPS applications installed), a laptop
and Maxis wireless broadband modem to assist with our tasks such as blogging on the go..

You get the best of both worlds!! Eat and at the same time do something your passionate about BLOGGING!!

Here's a trivia like introduction..I'll be part of a team of hungry humans whom just loves eating like there's no tomorrow..Introducing The Belly Boms!

They'll eat just about anything that stands in their warned!!

A lil introduction on our Group:

Suresh Ryan
who loves photography! Guess that he will snap all the ''yummylicious'' food.
"I'm pumped up for the race, and I'm gonna nom nom my way to the finish line!"

Joshua Law
who have a good sense of direction. He will need to direct us to the location.
"A food hunting Maxis Om Nom Nom Race~ This is just so perfect for food lovers like me!"

who loves food a lot, I will really need your comments on the food.
"om nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nomn *continues nomming*! "

Caution: steal her food and you'll be stabbed!!

and the famous

who loves to drive around and look for delicious food.
"I am super excited with this event, can't wait to experience the "Amazing Race" in the Maxis Nom Nom way! Will try our best to win this race! *screams*"

Alright here's a thing,Baboon's loves dreaming about food all day long..that explains his name =p
so he came up with this:

The most common criteria we 4 share:

Can you guess something common about us?
(Hint: Look at the pictures above)

Starring at the Pizza
Joshua - Biting his McDonald burger
karyan - Can't wait to eat the curry mee
Baboon - I wanna eat the mighty meaty chicken

Being a race!!
we have listed down our itineraries to make this race a success as it will not only aid us but safe us a whole lot of time...

We are well equipped from different angle,

Physical - Check

Mentally - Check
Spirit - Check
Teamwork - Check
Umbrella - Check
Car ("ferari") - Check
Team name - Check

My T-shirt would be an M size

For more info about the race - Click Here
For the Finder 301 apps from Maxis - Click Here
For the Maxis Wireless Broadband - Click Here

I totally can't wait for the weekend and the very day happens to be my Birthday as well
Now wouldn't it be an awesome day to celebrate with a win??definitely without a doubt!!

Do check out what Team Belly Bombs had to say about the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race as well:

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Team Belly Bombs For The Win!!


Shahrul Hairy Shaharuddin said...

Owwhhh yeahh!! good team Suresh! =)

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