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Food Review:The Coffee Trap Story

A couple weeks back..courtesy of Coffee Trap Bistro & Party..i had the complements of attending a food review outing with them..Located in a small town called Permas Jaya of the straits of Tebrau.The Coffee Trap story first beginned 10 years ago..yes 10 years..known to most as Mouse Trap back then when it first opened in the suburb city of Johor Bahru...They slow grew and today,situated in Permas Jaya they are now known as Coffee Trap Bistro & Party..Their business picked up and then soon another outlet of theirs called Juicy Trap opened 2 shop lots away from the present one.

Unlike other food review outlets i have attended..this one was pretty different..Most of the time
on the day of the review,services at most restaurants are pretty good compared to normal days..simply because everyone wants good publicty and a good write up on their place..I went on a Saturday (a day before the actual review)without informing anyone from Coffee Trap that i'm coming over..and too my surprised
the service on the day before the review was just as good as the day of the review.Now Back to business...
A day before the review i manage to catch up with Miss Juliana(Owner & Founder) of Coffee Trap and Juicy Trap via Facebook.

A short message she shared with me on the place:

It was never a reason how Coffee Trap was was simple place that got out of hand..
Because it grew and grew..and we are all here still contributing to it..
Some survived,some gone,All of us are totally addicted to the place!!

All energy,tears,sadness,happiness,anger,insults,comments are imprinted on every single part of the place and most friends regard Coffee Trap as their everyday life meeting place.
Whether you had a child,whether you got married,whether you got a degree,leaving Malaysia for good and many more.Simple that every single person that we come in contact with played a part in ourlife in guiding us towards making it a better place..

My friends..My Family

On the day of the review i had the company of upcoming Audio Engineer and Singer Jay Menon..
arrived there a quarter before 9..caught up with Coffee Trap's manager Mr Kay for a short
Q & A session...

For starters we had a few cold ones while having a chat with Mr Kay

A lil bit more on Coffee Trap Bistro & Party:

The fine Restaurant & Bistro caters to all occasions,ranging from Birthday Parties to Anniversaries and even monthly Pool Competitions are held there.So those who loves playing pool and strut your skill among others ,this place is definitely for you.While you eat and catch up with friends and family,customers will be entertained by a versatile resident live band from the Philippines and Malaysia as they perform your favorite Electro hits such as Oldies from the 80's,Hip Hop and RnB,all from 8:30PM onwards.

Here comes the best part of the lot,we tried 2 of the best sellers


-There's a special dish recommended by the chef every month and their specialty during that month was the lamb shanks.Before i get your taste buds rumbling by showing the lamb shanks here's one of their best sellers

Seafood Spaghetti (RM 15 NETT)

The Seafood Spaghetti is served with a combination of New Zealand Mussels and Tiger Prawns and the portions is quite big as well,the savoury taste of mussels and prawns blends in well with the spaghetti,which incorporates a rather interesting combination taste of tomato puree and added with flakes of cheese!! makes every bite of it all so special...

Verdict:A must try!!

Being the time of the World Cup..with compliments from Coffee Trap.
we tried out the OBiKWA - which is one of the many finest Wine's from South Africa..


The many South African Wine's on display

Here's the most yummylicious dish of the night..

Lamb Shank (RM35NETT)
Looks yummy does it??the lamb shank is served with a combination of mash potatoes and gravy on top of it..Every bite makes you crave for more, as the moist of the creamy potato makes your mouth go all watery.. As for the lamb shank the sheer tenderness of the meat gives you the crunch feeling while chewing it..

Verdict: Highly Recommended!!

On a personal note,the place is well lighten with warm white lights that make the place all so cozy..and the crowd that comes by this outlet consist of mainly a mixed crowd of International and Locals.

Myself and Jay Menon chilled around and we enjoyed the performance by the Filipino band on the very day

Coffee Trap Manager Mr Kay & Jay Menon


Ambience:warm and cozy

Do drop by and try out their recommended Dishes of the month and make sure you get your
hands on the awesome lamb shanks!!

Coffee Trap Bistro & Party
15,Jalan Permas 10/2
Permas Jaya,
Johor Bahru,


MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Woah..the price quite pricey hor. issit big portion?

ErikaToh said...

Wow, the food looks yummy! Love the lovely pictures and review, Suresh! xD

Nic Da Nic said...

looks delicious come it's so expensive then...

cofftrap said...

yup .. sharlene & erica use to mention that . . my classmates cannot afford to eat there ..
i replied : good time to review the food price ..:)

my apologies : most people will save money from traveling else where .. enjoy food then talk talk then go inside for the live band ..and clubbing .. so its the pricing of entertainment with food ..

Jaerragus said...

The lamb shank can make me drool for a day...

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