“My Date Night”

Posted by + Suresh + on Saturday, March 27, 2010

First and fore most this is a post with regards to a Nuffnang Screening..

To begin with i never actually had a first date..i'm sure most of you guys would be saying yea rite??but it's true..=p
anyways if having your first date with a good friend is counted...then the most memorable date i had would be with good friend of mine (Sze Ling) during my 20th Birthday celebration last year.

It was memorable because spending time with a good friend during you birthday really makes your day and you feel so much appreciated...and the though she took leave from her uni work to spend the day with me was really really sweet!!!She's very much the big sis..

+The END+

So much for a long story..hah..anyways Nuffnang is having a special screening of Date Night!!
and i can't wait to catch the movie!!!


See You Nuffies and fellow Blogger's there!!!


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