Digi's D'Ultimate Birthday Bash!!!!!

Posted by + Suresh + on Saturday, October 3, 2009

Year 2009 is almost over,here's the time to do to a lil flash back on how the year has come by.I'm going to do it part by part for the next couple of months.But let me share with you a sweet 20th Birthday celebration of mine early this January.I'mma Capricorn yo!!

Well birthday's being birthday's,this year was pretty much different from the last couple of years.I normally spend my Birthday going around and shopping with The Family.But this year it was pretty different.I spent it with a good friend of mine...Sze Ling...

Despite our rough schedule in Uni,i manage to return back to Johor to have a wonderfull outing,having a good friend by your side,it just makes your day.Well she's like a real good sis to me..

yea i shaved my head for the very first time..LOL

Well we started the JOurney from UTM to catch a movie @ City Square
Through out the journey we laughed our way all the sillies things in life,while stressing that good friends leave footsteps in our life and they are always here to lend a helping hand...

Oh yea and not forgetting she sang me a Birthday song in the car while i was driving..super touched!!!!

& on our way back after the police stopped us for their basic IC checking at the Roadblock,while waiting for them to come...we....

rather blurry..but we actually had time to snap piccies..hahaha

The night then continued with our last stop at McDonalds,where we sat down and continued chatting like for 2 hours.haha..my burger was extra special this time...It was the normal burger everyone usually orders,but Sze Ling added a candle to spice things up..i soon made a wish!!!!

was an awesome Birthday outing!!!!Thanks Sze Ling for being a wonderfull friend...dun weep after reading this k..hahaha

owwwwhhh...did you guys know??

DIGI's throwing this awesome Birthday Bash for all the October,November&December babies??

sounds awesome??why not head down to Bar Celona @ Sunway Pyramid on 3rd October for a fun full night that will feature various local acts...
JOey G,FLY FM's Hunnay Madu,The cool Liang and many more.....

so what are you guys waiting for??don't miss out on this eventful & awesome birthday party ever!!!!!for more info...visit www.digi.com.my/ubb

So don't forget to come down to Bar Celona @party with me yo!!!!!

Digi+Bday Bash=Fun,Awesome,&great party!!!!!!thanks Digi for appreciating us by throwing for us this awesome party to come!!!!i can't wait...cya peeps there!!!!!!!!!!


curryegg said...

Ahhww... so sweet.. Me mau people sing birthday song for me too while I am driving.. =P

kenwooi said...

so did you enjoyed it? =)


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