blog back to life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by + Suresh + on Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm finally blogging after such a long time.well...lotsa things have happen in between... i joined Asia Pacific Institute Of Information Technology last october...n currently doing my sem 2...btw college is fun n all...but the thought our award uni lacks a few we dun have much sports facilities...n the campus itself cant accomodate more then 1ooo plus ppl..n 70% of the student here are international student...the balance are we basically dun feel like locals,the best things is we get alot of exposure here as we learn each others cultures.N the great thing is i'm part of the student's called SARC which basically stands for Student Activity And Recreational Council.n being a member of the International Affairs Bereau under SARC gives us the opportunity to learn new languages..which is like freaking cool...hahas..N we also help out out with countries National Day celebration in college...other then that we also planned on our 1st event of the year..we SARC members planned the Valentine's Day Celebration at was a memorable 1 i must say........Next up will be the Sports Carnival in May....Valentine's Day pic will be uploaded..soon..



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